At Pinkage Consulting, clients are coached in streamlining their marketing strategies in relation to social media through brand clarity, an authentic and consistent presence.

These projects required initial set up of social media pages if missing, redesigning content to create a strong brand presence, (as seen on the Afrikan Sun project), content scheduling and website maintenance.

Through promotion planning via Facebook and or Instagram, my clients' businesses have seen an increase in followers, engagement and sales. 

Using analytical data from Instagram Insights, and through Facebook Business Suite, I provide reports of promotion results and possible goals based on their performances.




Karen wanted to maximize her reach to a variety of clients and establish a presence on social media. I set up the Facebook and Instagram pages, one focusing on sales, the other promoting a wellness lifestyle. This included content creation, (posts and videos) scheduling and promotion planning. Streamlining the existing website and Google Analytics to ensure KT Massage Treatments is found using keyword searches and basic SEO principles


"As a new business owner I was greatly assisted by Pinkage Consulting to achieve the level of professionalism in the style and promotion of my brand.

Improving my website, advertising and social media presence, Alicia has been very supportive and  patient in helping me target successful marketing approaches that is already seeing positive results in getting my business known and utilized by the public."

Karen Thompson - Owner
KT Massage Treatments


"Alicia is a consummate professional whose attention to detail coupled with her input and creativity is second to none. I was in search of someone who could not only post content but tell a story, our story, and with a few meetings, Alicia understood our journey and has since exceeded our expectations. 

She is indispensable, hardworking and engaging. I highly recommend her services."

Yoofi Derby - Founder

Afrikan Sun 

Afrikan Sun is a company offering organic health supplements responsibly sourced from the West African country of Ghana. They aim to educate their consumers on permaculture farming in Ghana and promote wellness to the community for the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

The company have amazing products and a wonderful mission I cared about but they lacked a strong brand identity and didn't have a Facebook page in order to reach their sales potential. My role involves content creation, scheduling this content and planning promotional strategies. 






"From day one Alicia knew exactly what to do with my social media to get me on track. She is exceptional with time management, pays attention to requests, and there's nothing better than a little British humor when she would help with my captions. 

Alicia's wealth of knowledge helped me create amazing content all while making my job effortless. I highly recommend her and you would be blessed to collaborate with her."

Lavonne Anthony - Owner

Lavonne Beauty & LB Bridal

Lavonne, of Lavonne Beauty is a professional MUA, Esthetician and already successful with her social media presence. Pinkage Consulting assisted Lavonne as she expanded to a bridal service, LB Bridal. Content scheduling, caption creation and website/blog maintenance was required during this exciting transition.

lavonne website.PNG