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5 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

It's the start of a new year and one popular goal for many is a new job. So I will be posting some tips to assist on your journey beginning with that dreaded Cover Letter. Here are 5 tips I have found useful in writing a cover letter. The UK largely does not focus on cover letters but they are read in the US as part of the hiring process and always useful to have on hand in case one is required.

1. Be Intentional in Applying for Jobs

Start by asking yourself, "Do I really want this job?" Instead of aimlessly applying for multiple jobs, playing a numbers game, conserve your energy and positive mindset and apply for jobs you are truly passionate about and line up with your values.

2. Do Your Research

Doing a little research into the company and even finding a name of a direct hiring officer will go a long way. It shows interest and enthusiasm in the role and company.

3. Keep it Brief

Read the job description carefully and the values of the company. Think which skills are key in this role and give an example

4. Use Appropriate Language

Ensure you are clear, concise and correctly capitalize the company's name. We may use a wide variety of vocabulary daily, however, in this scenario, we do not know the recipient as yet and so make sure vocabulary is professional, appropriate to the role/industry and widely understood. This will also show off your adaptive communication skills!

5. Keep it to One Page

Do not turn your cover letter into a dissertation. It is an introduction to you and your Resume/CV so aim to keep it to one side.

You got this!


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