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6 Steps to Writing a #Winning Resume

You have all this experience but no space to store it all. You heard you should keep your resume on one page. Why do you even need one when you end up inputting details again in the application.

I've learned to see my resume as my own history of success and an affirmation to the skills and experience I possess. It is a testament to my self worth and value and so take the time to ensure your Resume is a reflection of YOU. Here are 6 tips:

  1. Keep it to one page where possible

  2. Unless you are a creative, keep the design clean, clear and legible

  3. Avoid a mix of typefaces and colors. Two at most or use different weights, (Bold, Italic, Regular, Condensed etc) of the same typeface.

  4. Everyone has skills that they excel at; don't be afraid to highlight them!

  5. Work experience should cover at least 5 years where possible

  6. Use bullet points instead of whole paragraphs - prospective employers do not want to spend time reading essays.

For first time jobseekers and those returning to the job market, check our Rita's post on pointers for resume writing.


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Jamin Collins
Jamin Collins
Jan 29, 2021

Really great advice! I’ll use this to spruce up my resume

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