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How Do I Discover My Power?

Authentic power has nothing to do with dominance or physical strength over another. We each have a power within us, unique to us which can be mistaken for weakness or completely bogged down by comparisons.

  1. Starts with love.

  2. Discover a quality or value which serves others

  3. Stop trying to convince others of who you are.

  4. Convince yourself of who you are

  5. Devote yourself to your raison d'etre (Purpose)

Our Power has Roots

My faith and power is rooted in my belief that God has given me certain power. I'm not talking miracles but the power I have in being me and how His name, Jehovah and it's meaning "He Causes to Become", is manifested through my actions, values and personality. Showing love to myself and others has shown me it's power and how it can work through me. Power must have a purpose and showing love to and for others, led me to my purpose.

You may have heard many refer to your superpower. My superpowers are Resilience, Empathy, Courage and Determination; these are also part of my personal values. I have learned to love these qualities which have carried me through life. Throughout difficulties, I have been able to tap into my values to make difficult decisions, navigate emotional trauma and also at times to support others. So get to know yourself and who YOU are; your strengths, weaknesses, passions and interests. Learn how to communicate who you are to yourself in order to let others see it. Your power will shine through and once you learn to love who you see in the mirror, it will no longer matter to you who others think or feel you are or should be. You will learn to decipher who are part of your community where you feel confident and empowered.

“The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose.” ―Charles Dickens

Finding Your Purpose

Once you grasp a firm sense of who you are and walk through life with confidence, purpose follows in that clarity. My personal experience of finding purpose is in the use of my values in helping others, in what I do professionally and how I feel in my relationships daily. Below are some questions you can use as a journal prompt to explore your strengths and how they can lead to your purpose:

What are 3 strengths you can think of right away?

What are you proud of in your life? What do you like about yourself?

What do you do better than others?

What do you enjoy or love doing? What small things do you do that you find extremely satisfying? What strengths could this point to? When have you felt most energized? What were you doing? What have you created and brought into the world? (from childhood to now, anything you're proud of) What do you yearn to do? (this suggests possible strengths or talents)

When have you been criticized for something that is really a strength? If you find any repeated qualities, this is great! Go with this as this is your power that can lead to a purpose.

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Jenny Debrah
Jenny Debrah
02 févr. 2022

Beautifully written…exactly what many of us need to read right here and right now. Thank you.

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