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How do I solve a puzzle?

Hands up who got on the puzzle wave though the COVID lockdown? I bought three to conquer…two are still unpacked.

I finally conquered a 500 piece puzzle and let me tell you, whilst I watched others proudly showcase their 7 day projects on Instagram, mine took a month. I felt a failure especially as this was my bright idea. The puzzle depicting a vintage Vogue cover is finally complete and hanging up in a frame about our dining table.

Life Lessons

So I have always been a person who looks out for lessons in life and boy did this puzzle teach me some important lessons.

1. Have a strategy but be prepared to change strategy mid mission – wow. So I thought let me start by grouping pieces then I switched to starting by gathering all the border pieces. Once I switched my method, the puzzle solving really took off. Flexibility in life and work life can train for resilience when life throws challenges

2. Expect the unexpected – Thought this would be a breeze looking at the puzzle image. I assumed all puzzles have the same shape pieces in general. Nope, this puzzle had to include some abstract shaped pieces. Let go and let flow. Resilience in life is built when we expect the unexpected. So when they arrive, the experience does not have to be so traumatic.

3. Take a break and get a new perspective – At times, I need to just step away. I’d come back and see a pieces or pieces I was agonising over and just couldn’t see. I would return and BAM right under my nose the whole time. So, when a problem is really not working itself out, step away, clear your head, for an hour, a day, a week. Come back with a fresh perspective and you might just find the answer.

So whose up for a puzzle? I am, because now I’ve learned these lessons, I’m starting with a new mindset. A resilient one.


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