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I've been away. Manifesting.

Hi Reader, it has been a while since I've written here. I've missed ya! I've been away Manifesting. Such a buzzword on social media but do you really know the essence and definition of manifesting?

Good ole' Google defines Manifest as displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; to demonstrate. So this tells me that Manifesting is more than just talking to the wind, the universe, just "putting it out there". Manifesting is a noun, a DOING word, and an intentional word. So to manifest a life we want, a career we want we need to put in the work. Undertake some intentional actions and mindsets to achieve something. So that is what I have been away working on. Manifesting how I want to be as an entrepreneur and a woman.


I completed a course which focused on the theme of Hustling with Ease. As a entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to juggle it all! I went in with the mindset that I am going to focus on one of my businesses but now I have completely rebranded myself and focusing on my other business. You are now reading the blog of Alicia Young-Collins LLC, a Social Media Strategist and a Life Coach. My company, The Studio AYC, is a creative media company who helps health and wellness entrepreneurs navigate the world of social media intentionally and creatively. I take them from stressed to productive so they can focus on running their businesses. This transition and growth has been an emotional journey. I have had to separate myself from an identity I have run with for years! I have had to embrace productivity and strengths I was not paying attention to in the endeavor to make something else work. The beautiful thing I discovered? Both my companies complement each other. My coaching is incorporated in my strategy services. I am serving the community I reach out to with my coaching. ALIGNMENT. I am actually aligned more than I realized and I just needed to work smarter, not harder.


This process included some letting go. To manifest means to let go of other parts of you. Many may not realize that there is a process of letting go and mourning in order to achieve the lifestyle, work, or goals that you strive for. Also, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to get what you are asking for!


I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me on my entrepreneurial journey. For sharing my posts, videos, newsletters. Your support has really validated the work I do and contributes to maintaining my purpose.

May we all continue to MANIFEST.

May we all find our ALIGNMENT. May we all embrace CHANGE. May we all mourn in order to find JOY.


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