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Social distancing?

Corona Virus aka COVID-19 aka a worldwide microscopic germ has been imprisoning society in their homes for days, weeks months at a time. This is the first time I have experienced any sort of state of emergency and confinement starting 5 months after moving to the USA and getting married. I enjoyed the freedom of movement, the control I had over my day, the people and nature watching.


I have no idea what day it is for me. I have ceased counting them for my mental health but I have ensured I know what day of the week it is and the exact date. Some days just flow into the next. What even IS a weekend anymore? What is time, day and night? Random thoughts as I lay on the rug staring up at the ceiling. A few poetic lines came out of my melancholic mood:

Today is a hard day A bored day A should I shower or eat day Brain dead laying on the floor day My day

What an interesting study of human behaviour we will all be by the end of this moment in humanity’s history. We actually miss work? Our colleagues? Family? Friends? Liking on Instagram and posting is actually annoying me now, I need conversation in person! This was a bad day; but then:

Tomorrow is a new day A yoga downward dog day A brush your hair and deodorant day Tomorrow. Tomorrow is my day My day continued

Tomorrow did come. My husband and I woke up earlier and did a combination of core exercises and yoga. I drank water before coffee and had a lingering shower, singing some tune from Spotify. I had a morning session with my congregation via Zoom. I had a pub quiz night with girlfriends back in south London via Google Hangout; I put make up on, a head wrap and laughed and laughed. A tonic to my soul. Tomorrow will always come and I learned that it is ok to have down days. I don’t need to be productive everyday. I just need to be me. Tomorrow did come.


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