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What about my goals?

Have you had you had to cancel that life changing trip due to the lockdown? Unable to start that new job due to Miss Rona? (Corona Virus aka Covid-19 aka the bane of 2020. Effectively putting our lives temporarily on hold can be frustrating and downright distressing. I'm currently waiting for my Permission to Travel and Employment Permits to come through, but now I am sure the process will be delayed due to the skeleton teams. You may ask yourself, "do I just give up on my goals?", "why is this always happening to me?", "I knew it was too good to be true!". Sound familiar?

control & release

It is an uncomfortable place to be when things are out of our control. There is a certain injustice when your hard work and plans have been put on hold due to circumstances out of your control. So rightly so you raise your fist to the skies Gone With the Wind style and exclaim "curses! Curse you Corona!". There is light at the end of this particular tunnel and lights turning on midway. Take a breath. No really. Stop. Inhale for the count of 4...hold for the count of 7...and exhale for the count of 8.

This is a breathing method I use with my coaching clients in order to handle moments of stress, anxiety or pain. It is he 478 Breathing Method which allows us to give us time to relax, refocus and just be for a moment in order to gain clarity. Do it a couple times and aim to release the hold you have on things out of your control. Make way for those things you can control, like creating a new plan, small little goals to get you to that ultimate goal. Be balanced in your expectations and goal setting.

new plans

For example, 2020 might have been the year for that major trip you wanted to take to Asia or Europe or an Australian bushtucker trek. It has all been cancelled due to Covid-19, thank you very much! So what now?

1. Did you get a refund? If so, wonderful put it aside for this trip. You didn't? Highly annoying and upsetting but it is now time to accept this is out of your control and to let it go.

2. Keep saving for the trip of a lifetime, or start saving for the trip of a lifetime.

3. Go over your plans and see if there is anything on the itinerary you can add, delete or swap

4. Research your destination in a fun way by cooking national dishes, learning a language or some phrases in the local language/dialect, create outfits to fit in with local fashion trends.

Whilst I wait for my permits to come through, I am taking some courses to upskill myself, ready for the day I bless my future employer with the force of nature that I am! I went ahead and launched my life coaching service, Pinkage Coaching, (holla at me at or on Instagram @pinkagecoaching). I am choosing to be controlled when it comes to spending and using up my resources; for example not using my expensive make up everyday because really, who am I seeing and where am I going right now? I am choosing to positively build on my foundations and see how I can adjust to still progress during this enforced downtime.

Do you see where I am going? Release what you have no control over and control what is in your power to influence. Keep your head up, your smile bright and your mind positive.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. -The Serenity Prayer


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