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What is self?

Define self…

How much of your “self” do you know in order to “care” for it? These days, we all seem to have an alter ego thanks to social media. Maybe even a few. However, rather than being a persona of empowerment, such as Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce, we may create egos to project a fantasy to the world or to be popular, to fit in. Sometimes life requires us to wear different hats and so we get lost within the multitasking. I’m here to say, there is more strength, character and confidence in being an authentic self. A space in which you have real self awareness and truthfulness. The fundamental self beneath all those hats and filters.

you alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody. -Dr Maya Angelou

So how does one find oneself? Does one go on an expensive journey to Asia and meditate their way to an awakening? Well, that has worked for some but my pocket will not allow so my method was different.

Grow through what you go through – various sources

I took the time to learn the lessons my mistakes, trials, successes and relationships have provided me. Writing a journal was such a key tool in exploring my “self” and making sense of the noise. Self is an ever changing entity and that is ok; its called growth.

Taking time out periodically to analyse where you are at in life and what you need, you are making time to understand your true self. I recently heard Michelle Obama say that part of her selfcare and wellbeing journey was making sure typically accepted healthy activities were working for her as a mature woman. Was this exercise the best for her now? How was it making her feel, emotionally and physically? In other words, yoga isn’t for everyone, but a stroll in a park might be or a bubble bath with candles. Saying “no” more to people and things that don’t give you that fulfillment or energy is empowering. It might be praying more, stabilising yourself spiritually that equates to understanding your self. All this to say Self, like Fat, is relative and subjective. What works for someone else, may not work for you. So spend time discovering your Self, then you will know how to care for it.

We sure will have time during Coronavirus social distancing…


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