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Why its OK for Love to Hurt

You may think that is a crazy concept. You hear that love should not hurt and you are correct. Love should not hurt in terms of abuse whether it be psychological or physical. The hurt I am talking about is the hurt that we describe that comes with growing pains. These pains are an indication of muscles stretching, growing, molding themselves to take a matured shape. The same can be said of the journey to love; a love of self or the love of a healthy relationship.

We fall apart to fall in love - Tobi Nwigwe

Love is a Deconstruction

In order to really discover what true love means to you takes a process of deconstruction. Breaking down limiting beliefs, barriers and toxic behaviours is a necessary and emotional process to understand how you love and how you need to be loved. It may hurt to understand how you have lacked showing love for yourself or the absence of receiving a healthy, empowering love. However, through this "painful" journey is relief, wisdom and resilience in finding real love. You may still experience disappointment along the way, but now you have the knowledge and resilience to learn love lessons and grow with it.

How do I find real love?

Contact me today to get yourself booked on the Resilient Love Program. We will:

  • Start with finding out who you are; what are your values, current beliefs and limiting beliefs

  • Explore your strengths and weaknesses

  • Explore past relationships; what felt wrong? What felt right? Patterns in behaviors

  • With this new awakening and stretching of your emotional muscles, we will generate a list of qualities you NEED in a complimentary partner.


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