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Women's History Month & You

MARCH IS WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH and you don’t have to be a feminist to appreciate the woman you are, and the women in your life. These women may include our mother’s, aunts, girlfriends, cousins, colleagues, actors, authors. The list goes on but my point is, take time to ponder on the woman you look at as your role model and ask yourself:


Who within my sphere, my world, is an influence on me?


What values or personality traits do they have that I am attracted to?


Where has their journey started and taken them? Where has mine started and where do I want it to go


Why do they influence me? Why am I grateful to have them in my life or within my view?


When do I want to become this woman? When do they show up in my life?


How will I make changes? How will I become the woman I want to be? Asking yourself these questions is a means of growing in awareness of self. Analysing the women you follow, interact with and take inspiration from, can be an insight into who you are. This may be a moment of awakening, change, gratitude and appreciation of yourself!

Appreciate and love the woman you are, have become and continue to grow into.


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