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Below are thoughts of genuine clients sharing their experiences of coaching with me.


“I’ve known Alicia for as long as I can remember and I continue to seek practical advice. Through her coaching, Alicia has helped me to discover qualities such as kindness, compassion and genuine love. She is a selfless and caring person who will go out of her way to help and listen to others despite the fact that it’ll bring no personal gain.  She has coached me through a lot of family and personal issues throughout life and for that I’ll forever be grateful."

JB, United Kingdom

“I have really benefited from my sessions with Alicia. She is always ready to listen and hear what I have to say. Very skilled in solution focused working and her innovative methods are contemporary and adaptable to my personal and professional life. I would definitely recommend her coaching service!"

Rita Jacobs, United Kingdom

“I’m one of these “paralysis by analysis” types, and came to Alicia for coaching at a time when I was feeling stuck and needed more movement in my life. She’s more than a good listener. Alicia has a refreshing, positive perspective, is gifted at making you feel empowered, and helps you truly see what’s blocking forward movement by allowing you to open up and listen to yourself. By the end of even just one session, she helped me set realistic goals and put small habits in motion to help get me “unstuck.” It’s amazing how much we covered in just a one-hour session (honestly I wished it was longer—yes, she’s that good!), she even took the initiative to check in on my progress a few weeks later. That level of professionalism, confidentiality, and support does not go unnoticed. I highly recommend Alicia’s coaching services."


“Alicia of Pinkage Coaching has proven a valuable listening ear in this tumultuous time. My life is generally a roller coaster but it was turned upside down in ways I didn’t expect. Alicia helped separate my most negative thoughts from productive ones. She helped me have an epiphany about myself. This caused a breakdown that helped me grow and discover what I really want. Alicia is great at coaching you through emotional tsunamis. Highly recommend her."

Courtney Minor, Texas

“Book a session and try it out! Honestly, I vacillated for months on whether to do coaching with Alicia and I wish I took the plunge sooner. Everything I've gained have been positive and beneficial to my growth"


“Alicia is able to clarify specific goals out of the chaos that lives inside of us"


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