Videos - Just a Thought

A dose of thoughts of a Life Coach, Alicia shares positive messages, taken from her Instagram series.

What About My Goals?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic many of us had to let go of the goals we had for 2020.  Several spanners were thrown in the works of our dreams, hopes and plans. However, there is always hope and resilience can save the day. Head over to my blog  page to find out more. 

The Importance of How We Speak to Ourselves

Just a thought on the power of words we use on ourselves. How we speak to ourselves is a reflection of how we feel about who we are, and conversely can affect how we feel and see others. 

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Still in Covid-19 lockdown, it can be really difficult to remain positive and also to forget to reach out to others who are also struggling. September is suicide prevention month, have a watch to how we can help one another get through the challenging times.

This Is Us Really Did THAT

TV show This Is Us came back with a 2 hr bang but it also really highlighted some points about mixed race families, cross racial adoptions and the importance of uncomfortable conversations.