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7 Myths About Life Coaching

I'm going to bust 7 myths about life coaching because the NEED is very real but the commitment is not committing.

1. Life Coaches tell you what to do.

NO a good life coach should provide strategies and techniques in order to make your own choices.

2. You only need life coaching in a crisis

NO. In fact life coaching can assist you in avoiding a crisis. It is preventative care as well as reactive.

3. I have to be vulnerable and talk on my business.

Whilst there is an element of vulnerability, it is totally up to you how much you wish to share. Life coaching can be very specific in its purpose and focus so you don't have to provide me a family history. However, context is key. Know that as a certified life coach, I am responsible for making sure your personal data and information is completely secure. We sign an agreement before our sessions start. Getting to understand where you are at in the now, aids me in supporting you become unstuck and move forward.

4. I don't have the time.

Yes you do. You have time for anything you NEED to focus on in life. You have time for anything you are ready to do. You have time for the important things in life, if you are ready, committed and focused. Life coaching can be flexible according to your schedule. It can be in person, on Zoom or over the phone.

5. Its too expensive.

Did you know the average New Yorker spends $500 a month on eating out or take out food? Did you know that the cost of two monthly sessions can be the same amount you spend on a bag? The difference is one gives you temporary pleasure, (the bag people the bag!) the other provides you life long growth, life skills, forward movement and improved self worth. It can help you save money if that is a goal. Coaching can help you reach budgetary, personal, and professional goals.

6. Life Coaching doesn't really work

Here is a link to my Testimonial page. I'll let my clients do the talking.

7. It has to go on for a long time

No. Your life coaching sessions can have an end. When you feel empowered to continue on your journey confidently you can stop your sessions. When you have reached your goal or ready to continue on your own, communicate and let your life coach know. It is up to you. I actually want you to feel like you don't need it but the door is always open for a refresh, accountability check in or when you are at a new stage in your life journey.

So those are 7 myths busted about life coaching. Ready to get started? Book your FREE consultation with me or shoot me an email to schedule your next session.


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