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What can we learn from Autumn/Fall?

I adore autumn/fall, (for the purpose of ease I will be using the word autumn in the article). The crisp feel in the air, crispy leaves, the miraculous changing colors of the trees. I also find it so much easier to coordinate outfits in autumn. I love a layer and accessories. However Autumn represents so much more than changing of seasons and fashion trends. It represents change, transitioning and growth. Resilience to face a change is necessary and exciting!

How can I prepare for change?

1 - Accept change Change is going to happen and there is nothing we can do about it. It is a natural part of life and it does not always have to end in tragedy. It can mean OPPORTUNITY.

2 - Set small goals Are there any books on your list that you have wanted to read? Set a goal to read a page a day and you may soon find you will keep reading and find yourself at the end.

3 - Choose a daily affirmation to say each morning Try these:

Change is a part of growth and I embrace growth I choose change and find joy in the challenge I choose to change only that I have control over. I don't control everything and that is ok 4 - Accept the negative with the positive Change your mindset and look for the positive. Accept the negative but try to look for a lesson to move forward in a growth mindset. Autumn comes with rain, low temperatures, sometimes high winds. BUT. Autumn also comes with an array of beautiful reds, oranges and evergreens. It means cozy jumpers, cute hats and pumpkin spice latte, (if that is your thing). Transitions naturally come to make way for the new. Fall turns to winter, then spring. So lets embrace change. Let's seek the positive and opportunity for beautiful growth in ourselves and by extension our communities.

Ok lovelies. Until next time!


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