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What is Authenticity?

Such a buzzword right? It's funny though, the more I see this used, the more I see it misused and misapplied. So what exactly does it mean to be Authentic?

The Meaning of Authenticity

"Authenticity is acting according to one’s true self and behaving congruently with values, beliefs, motives, and personality disposition." (Psychology Today)

This suggests authenticity comes from a subjective perspective but in today's social media influencer world, authenticity can get caught up in trends, the pressure to be "Liked" and cancel culture. It is used often in relation to living your true self no matter what society says although it feels these days like you are pressured into compliance then authenticity. So how can one really be authentic?

4 Ways to Define Your Authentic Self 1. Define Your Values

Who you truly are in terms of behavior, how you treat others and what you expect from others in a relationship with you.

2. Write a Personal Life Statement

Define who you are through writing down what you stand for and how you wish to show up in the world. Write down your strengths and weaknesses and don't be fearful of being honest. Authenticity involves being honest with ourselves, accepting each facet of who we are and giving ourselves the grace to just be.

3. Don't Be Afraid Not to Agree

Being authentic does not mean you agree with everyone's choices but you respect them. It means being ok with not being for everyone. Your relationships should include shared values with those you choose to be around you including family members. You do not have to agree with everything and everyone; THAT'S EXHAUSTING!

4. Conduct a Social Media Audit

Check who you are following and who follow you and ask yourself, "do my values still align with this person, company or celebrity?" "Did they ever align?" Unfollow, or follow, it is your social media and so you are in control of it.

Authenticity gives you choice. It enables you to grow in resilience as you become clearer and stronger in who you are. Practiced authenticity is more than a buzzword, it is your identity. You have the right to define it.

girl looking at her reflection
Being authentic means recognizing who is in the mirror.


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