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What Is the Female Intuition?

On International Women's Day I am looking at a quality and tool unique to the woman; the Female Intuition. What can it mean for you? Is it just a buzz phrase or hashtag for likes? How do you train your intuition?


For me, March 8th International Women's Day is a reminder of the wonderful possibilities and power we as women possess. Our God given capabilities have enabled women to make a difference in our community. It is a reminder that you too have an impact, an influence and a place.

This influence may not be global but it could be intrinsic to the lives of those around you. Women were created with an intuition that men were not. We can read a baby's cry, interpret it, we know the difference between hunger, sadness and gas. We know when something is not right in our very guts. Our very physiological make up is constantly firing messages if we learn to listen. Several articles in Psychology Today describe the female intuition as "nonverbal communication". It is the ability to read facial expressions, body language and patterns of behavior.

How Do You Listen to Your Intuition

How we use our intuition is important. Do we use it in order to rest, to stop and refocus, to set boundaries? To say "enough is enough!" Do we use it to reach out to a loved one. I have this rule, if I think of you I need to send a text or if I have sufficient time, a call. It has served me well. I have trained myself to listen to my body when she needs a break. I notice the signs of burnout and make adjustments accordingly. I read through the "okay" response many give automatically.

“Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.”. - Oscar Wilde

Intuition is a Tool of Resilience.

Train it in terms of self care and it will serve you honestly. When was the last time you listened to that inner voice and you were proved right? How did that feel mentally and physically? Trusting in that intuition means recognizing the physiological signs and in turn building trust in you and your cognitive capabilities.

Affirmations for International Women's Day

I am training my female intuition. My Resilience is not my enemy, it is my ally.

I lean into my intuition and learn to feel at ease with it. I use my femininity to be kind, compassionate and intuitive. I honor my womanhood by setting boundaries with myself, friends and family.


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