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Why Should I Count the Small Wins?

Hello my resilient women out there. How have you been winning of late? You may not realize it but you have been winning each and every day. How? I haven't hit that financial goal/weight goal/job goal...Sure you haven't got there YET. In the meantime, I see you winning over there. Let me show you how.

I came across a post on Instagram recently from a growth enthusiast who listed the many small wins in life that are so important and yet are often overlooked. This had a profound affect on me and my mindset of success. In a competitive world where Likes, Engagement and Reach can foolishly start to define your success, this "small" reminder had a profound light switch moment for me.


Everyday we perform tasks many on the outside won't realize the significance of and that is ok. The importance is that YOU take a moment to give recognition to that moment and accept the win. Our wins can include the following:

  • Finishing that book you have been reading for a lifetime.

  • Waking up and not snoozing but actually getting out of bed.

  • Responding to that email that made you nervous.

  • Applying for that funding you don't think you will get anyway.

  • Paying that bill.

  • Sticking to a budget.

  • Cleaning your workspace or living space.

  • Telling someone you love them.

  • Complimenting a stranger on their outfit.

  • Saying good morning to a public transport worker.

  • Saying "Yes" to something scary.

  • Saying "No" to something scary.

  • Completing any task you have put off just because.

These are the Small Wins. They make us human, alive and functioning. It is the satisfaction of writing a list and crossing each item off. This reminds me of when I go food shopping, (which I hate to do), and to help me remember and not overspend I write a list. Whenever I cross out an item oh the satisfaction! This might seem like such a normal and mundane task but think about all it took to complete. Getting up, getting dressed, writing an intentional list, actually going out of your home, getting to the store, walking around and methodically ticking off what you want, paying with the hard earned money, leaving and going back to your home. Safe and secure and food stored away. Complete.

This Small Win took determination and endurance to complete. It took dedication to complete. Are these not qualities also involved in the "big wins"? CONGRATULATE YOURSELF SIS!


We need to graciously give ourselves a pat on the back more for what we achieve. Again, no one knows the effort it takes but you. Life is already really challenging and this world can make you feel like a failure if you don't live up to certain expectations. So remind yourself more of what you have done and can do on a daily basis.

I'm proud of you. You should be too.


What small wins have I achieved today?

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Aug 09, 2023

👏👏👏👏great read yet so true. Thanks so much.

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